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Hey Bill here and we are at the last video in the FREE 12 step YouTube video SEO optimization series! YAY!

In the last video here is what we are going to walk you thru step by step…

  1. How to add your zip code to the appropriate spot (this is SUPER important if you are doing a local marketing video) and you can see another short video about that here…
  2. How to make sure that YouTube knows the video your working on was created that same day (even if it was not and why)…
  3. How to set your videos thumbnail and why picking the most interesting one makes a big difference in how much your video gets watched…
  4. And the last and super important step of publishing your video to get it showing up on YouTube and in the Search Engines!

Your well on your way now to being a top notch YouTube video uploader and your now going to be able to SEO optimize every video you start out with which is going to set you off on the right foot right from the start!

Now this is just the beginning as far all of the different things you can do to get your videos ranked high on both Google + YouTube.

We have quite a few more very in depth YouTube video ranking courses and training that will help you take it to the next levels and if your interested in taking a look at any of those you do that here!

So that’s it for now I’ll be talking to ya soon and just as always please feel free to comment below!

Bill Cousins

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Bill Cousins

Bill Cousins is one of the founders and CEO of Prolific Marketer LLC. He is considered one of the top YouTube Marketing and video ranking experts online today and has created multiple training courses and products on the subject. Many of which have won numerous awards and recommendations by his peers.

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