Do you hate calling local video marketing clients and businesses that you want to get a meeting with as much as I do?

We all hate that (well most of us anyway) and the main reason is because you have to get past the person who answers the phone!

Well a good buddy of mine named Lemmy Moore who is one of the best local video marketing guys I know has figured out a new way to get your meeting or a call back from the person you need to talk to to get one set up.

This is a 6 minute section from a 35 minute mastermind call we did for my Local Review Pro training course where he gives the basic lowdown on how he does this. BTW I had to prod him to get him to give more info about it!

Listen and learn grasshopper! =)

BTW… if your interested in getting more info about Lem’s full training on this method he uses CLICK HERE…

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Bill Cousins

Bill Cousins is one of the founders and CEO of Prolific Marketer LLC. He is considered one of the top YouTube Marketing and video ranking experts online today and has created multiple training courses and products on the subject. Many of which have won numerous awards and recommendations by his peers.

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