ABOUT – Prolific Marketer


Grab a cold one this is a LONG story!

I was born on Feb 3 1961 (one of the biggest snowstorms in PGH history I am told) and grew up here in “The Burgh”. I was here up until about 1990 I think it was when I took a job as a Race Mechanic for Skip Barber Racing up in Connecticut and moved up there. I had a 3 yr relationship going at the time and let me tell ya my girlfriend was not very happy!

But… I am not the kind of person who hangs out or stay’s around where I don’t want to be and Racing was what I wanted to do so that was it my mind was made up! We tried the long distance thing for a while but you know how that goes and eventually we broke up. It worked out best anyway because she ended up meeting a guy who wanted a bunch of kids like her and they have been happily married (with children) since.

So I did the racing thing for about 12 years and quite a lot of traveling (which I love) and met quite a few really cool people who became friends. Some of them (time to be a name dropper) were Brad Whitford (guitar player for Aerosmith), Brian Johnson (lead singer AC/DC), Brenda Johnson (Brian’s wife), plus just a ton of other racing people who became really good friends! Also we moved the racing shop from CT down to Sebring Florida.

Well all the travel finally burned me out, but I did get to see Brazil, Australia, Russia, Canada, and all of the USA, so while I was living down in FLA, I decided to start a custom Helmet Painting biz for all these race car drivers I had access to and that became quite the biz as I ended up painting the racing helmets for drivers from all over the world and some pretty big name ones to boot!

But all that really got to be a pain in the arse (as my buddy Billy Idol says) and I realized that it would be pretty hard to retire from that type of business because all these people only wanted ME to paint their helmets as I was the best there was (I had been told) and I just could not see myself doing that till I was like 70 yrs old! BTW… in or around the year 2000 I had moved myself and my helmet biz back up to PGH to be with my aging relatives so that is where the rest of this takes place.

So I started teaching myself Real Estate Investing! Flipping house’s (without actually having to buy them) and doing Rent 2 Own type deals. Well let me tell ya this was a really easy biz once you learned all the ins and outs and before long I was killing it! Everything was going great! I had teamed up with a new partner/investor and we were going to take over Pittsburgh and get rich while at it! Things started out great and then it happened…


Well, needless to say that threw a monkey wrench into the whole Real Estate money making plan! Its hard to sell houses when people cant get the money to buy them!

My main income totally dried up and I was barely keeping my head above water by doing the property manager thing for the few houses we had rented out since we could not get them sold. I did that for about 2 yrs and hated every minute of it. If you have ever been a landlord you know why. Dealing with tenants is not the greatest thing to have to do everyday and I finally had to tell my partner that I wanted out. We parted ways and are still good friends to this day. He still has the biz and has about 90 units now!

Now while I was doing the house flipping Rent 2 Own thing I had been building a list of leads and had an Aweber account all set up to automatically capture the leads from Craigslist with a form on a website I sent them to. I think I had built it up to about 1000 leads and one day while lurking around online I ran across a guy named Frank Kern.

I started reading some of his stuff and he was talking about something called “Email Marketing”.  The more I learned the more I was intrigued! Here I had these 1000 leads (subscribers) that I had really never done anything with. Maybe I could make a few bucks from them?

Well… To make a long story even longer… I decided to give it a try and I went on Clickbank (Frank talked about it a lot) and found a credit repair product that looked good and signed up!

The next day I wrote up a little email and sent it off, not really expecting anything to happen. Well guess what? I woke up the next day and checked my Clickbank account and low and behold I had made $98 bucks!!!  I was hooked!!! Could it really be this easy I asked? I had to find out!

So… in the year 2009 with about 7k I had just gotten from a last ditch effort house flipping deal I had put together, I decided to take the plunge and shut down everything else and give this Internet Marketing thing a try. I was pretty lucky because my new step dad owned a house he was trying to sell in this bad market (a 1.4 million dollar house) that was sitting empty as he and my mom had built a new one and he asked me if I would be interested in living in it for free in return for taking care of it until it sold? I said “Hell Ya” and moved in, turned on the Internet, put a bed in one room and a couch in the living room and fired up my new Internet Marketing biz with 7k in the bank!

Guess what? That 7k was gone in no time buying products to teach myself this I.M. thing, and the house sold and I was living day to day for about a year and a half. This is no lie I was literally selling stuff on Craigslist day by day to eat! But I never gave up! My relatives were all telling me that it would never work and that I needed to go get a REAL JOB but I just kept believing in myself, and I started studying Bob Proctor and the law of attraction and finally after about 2 years of really hard times I am finally living off of my Internet Marketing and money comes in steady from it pretty much everyday.

So I guess what you need to know about me is that I am a real guy, and I went from a negative bank account to doing pretty damn good in about 5 years! Ive had multiple JVZoo Product Awards for my YouTube related products, my name has been mentioned on stage at different I.M. events, I am pretty good friends with some of the biggest guys in the biz, Blah Blah Blah, and… it was worth every minute of pain and agony and selling stuff on Craigslist because now I know I will never have to be that way again!

Seriously… If I can do this you can do this and I am going to do my best to try and help you do this! But you need to know that I am human and I have a lot of bad habits and I am a procrastinator and I don’t always do things in the most productive manner but I am trying my ass off and getting better and better and I still have a hell of LONG way to go!

If your interested in what I know I am willing to show you as best I can and in my own way! This ProlificMarketer.com site is going to be where I tell you some new stuff Ive learned, and some old stuff I already know works, and some just plain ranting! Plus there is going to be some mindset stuff because I KNOW that if I had not started studying that as well I would still be broke! And yes I am going to be selling stuff that I think is good and yes I will make money from it!

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see ya around here on ProlificMarketer.com !

Bill Cousins – CEO Prolific Marketer LLC