You may have noticed that the good old style YouTube embed code that you used to be able to grab in the “sharing” tab below your videos has vanished?

You used to be able to go in there and either use the new style iframe embed code or you could grab the older html style embed code if you wanted.

Well our beloved YouTube has decided to get rid of that old HTML style embed code so now all you have to use is the new iframe code.

Well that is all well and good. The only problem is that if your embedding videos to try to help get them ranked the iframe code is not as user friendly for the search engine spider’s to use!

So if you want to make sure that your embedded videos are getting crawled watch this video where I show you how to create the older style embed code for your YouTube videos.

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Bill Cousins

Bill Cousins is one of the founders and CEO of Prolific Marketer LLC. He is considered one of the top YouTube Marketing and video ranking experts online today and has created multiple training courses and products on the subject. Many of which have won numerous awards and recommendations by his peers.

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