In this little case study I am going to show you some simple FREE steps I used to get a stubborn video that was not even showing in Google up to page 2 in about 15 minutes! 

Watch the video all the way thru because I explain alot of stuff and some new thoughts I am having about things I am going to be doing and recommending from here on out to get better video rankings on both Google + YouTube! 

This is the other video I mention in the one above. 

You need to make sure you are using the rankings you are getting in YouTube (because it's easier to get rankings in YouTube) to help sell your services and show that your the expert! 

Get the videos ranking in YouTube, use those to show clients what you can do using them and to get them excited, then tell them you can do the same for them in Google (for more $ of course)! 

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Bill Cousins

Bill Cousins is one of the founders and CEO of Prolific Marketer LLC. He is considered one of the top YouTube Marketing and video ranking experts online today and has created multiple training courses and products on the subject. Many of which have won numerous awards and recommendations by his peers.

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