Did you know that YouTube gives you a whole bunch of extra places where you can put the keywords that your trying to rank for inside your channels when your optimizing them?

There is actually a spot where they ask you what the channel keywords are! 

You know why they do that? Because they want to know what they should be ranking the videos in that particular channel for! So give them all the extra help that you can!

In this video I talk about some of the places you can add in your keywords that most people don't use. 

It may take a few more minutes to add them in but the extra work is well worth the effort! 

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Bill Cousins

Bill Cousins is one of the founders and CEO of Prolific Marketer LLC. He is considered one of the top YouTube Marketing and video ranking experts online today and has created multiple training courses and products on the subject. Many of which have won numerous awards and recommendations by his peers.

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